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Rental Conditions

CARS. VIVARENT rental cars are divided into classes. When reserving, you can choose a car by make and model, or by class. Available class cars (models) are listed on the website. The lessor reserves the right to exchange the reserved car for another car of the same or higher class (in the event of an accident or technical failure) after prior notice and coordination of the exchange with the lessee.
A VEHICLE BREAKDOWN. In the event of a technical breakdown, the lessor undertakes to provide the lessee with a replacement car in the shortest possible time. The helpline is open 24 hours a day.
RENTAL TERM. The minimum term of car rental is 24 hours, the maximum term is unlimited.
RENTAL PRICE. Car rental prices are per day. Rental day - 24 hours. from the start of car collection. The prices shown are final, there are no additional or hidden fees. The price includes: compulsory civil liability and CASCO insurance for vehicles. In exceptional cases, the price may change: depending on the rental period, the number of kilometers driven, for trips abroad.
DEPOSIT. A deposit is NOT accepted for car rental in Lithuania. When using car rental and traveling abroad, deposit for cars, passenger and cargo minibuses: €100 - €500.
INSURANCE. All rental cars are insured with motor vehicle liability and CASCO insurance for rental cars valid throughout Europe. The lessee or any other person authorized to drive the vehicle is covered by compulsory vehicle liability insurance, which provides benefits for bodily injuries up to €2,500,000, as well as property damage up to €500,000. CASCO insurance in the event of an accident - covers damages caused to the rented car, regardless of who is at fault. CASCO insurance in case of car theft – covers losses in case of car theft. A necessary condition is to present the documents and keys of the rented car, otherwise the insurance coverage will not be valid. Unconditional franchise for passenger cars: €100 - €1000, for passenger and cargo vans: €100 - €1500.
In the event of an accident when the renter is the culprit, or in case of other car damage when the culprit is not present, in the case of damage to the car's windows and tires, the renter compensates the amount of the unconditional deductible, which is not covered by the insurance company.
DRIVING RESTRICTIONS. The minimum driving experience for renting cars is 1 year, for renting passenger and cargo vans - 3 years. Going abroad with a rented car is possible only after receiving the written consent of the lessor. A 1000€ fine is applied for an arbitrary departure to a foreign country without the lessor's permission.
MILEAGE LIMITATIONS. When renting a car for a period of 5 days or more and driving within the territory of Lithuania, mileage restrictions do not apply. In other cases, they are subject to agreement. For trips abroad, rental prices are calculated individually depending on the car model, destination of the trip, and duration.
VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES. The lessee undertakes to comply with the established KET rules. We unilaterally terminate the contract in the case of malicious violation of KET rules, non-compliance with driving culture, ignoring warnings, hooligan driving. The rental fee for the unused rental period is non-refundable.
ADDITIONAL DRIVER. There is no charge for an additional driver. Additional driver data must be provided before signing the car rental agreement. Transferring the driving of the car to a person not included in the car rental contract is strictly prohibited.
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. An identity document and a valid driver's license must be presented to conclude a car rental agreement.
DELIVERY AND RETURN OF THE CAR. Cars are issued and returned at the VIVARENT office in Kaunas, Verkių st. 48B, Vilnius and Kaunas airports during working hours - free of charge.
PAYMENT. You can pay for the car rental by credit cards MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, payment cards MAESTRO, VISA ELECTRON, bank transfer and cash.
RESERVATION. You can reserve a car on the website, e-mail by mail or by phone +370 609 34420 +370 609 34470. After completing the reservation, it is necessary to receive the reservation confirmation, which will be sent to the e-mail you specified. mail or you will be contacted by phone. When reserving a car for the same day, orders are accepted only by phone + 370 609 34420 +370 609 34470.